Whats Going Wrong With The United Kingdom

 I am writing this because I am a grandparent of a child with two rare diseases we don’t see our grandson as much as we would like due to the miles between us, but we think about him every single day,we think about the good times we had and what plays on my mind is what will ever happen to him if he ever reaches adulthood I see a boy who has changed so much because of his rare diseases I not only fear for his life I fear for his adulthood.

By the way the United Kingdom is going he I think will not have a life due to him being robbed of his life with his rare diseases we now fear for him how will he ever manage in the new United Kingdom that is slowly changing from a caring country into a country that can only sees  the bottom line and what is it going to cost we hear every single day about our government coming up with ways it can cut people’s benefits and they seem to be striking out at our disabled community and that does not bode well for our grandsons future.

His future is already bleak and our family has come through so much already without the worry about what is going to happen our grandson when we are no longer here our country is known all over the world for its caring and it has fought in two world wars to protect people’s rights people like our grandchild people who could not cope on their own due to ill health or disability .

We have come a long way for people’s rights and showing the world just how well we looked after people like our grandson  sick and disabled as he is ,How our government has changed and how it has changed a once caring people  to people who only think of the bottom line what will it cost to keep a person on a drug that will extend someone’s life it could be a parent,  grandparent, child, someone you love so much is always the bottom line a person someone is someone that is loved and will be missed someone who can’t fight back.

The government seems to want to walk on the other side of the street yet we are taught in the bible that if you see someone who is sick or hurt you should not look the other way you should help them.our country seems to be not satisfied until it is stripping people of what they need to be able to live a life that is independent and being able to cope and if they can’t cope they should give them a helping hand, They seem to want to turn it all around and move what used to be a caring country to we must think of the bottom line what will a drug cost what will it cost to keep a person alive, what’s the bottom line on the price of care for this child  can we really afford it.

The drip seems to go on and on slowly  turning a caring country into a country that only cares about the bottom line and this is hitting the sick and disabled and the people who can’t do anything about it children like our grandson and to do this we are now starting to chip away at his human rights but under the cloak of terrorism  We have to protect our country of course we do  but we also have to protect the human rights of people who can’t protect their own human rights like the sick and disabled we can’t confuse the two.

The United Kingdom our great country who its people died in two world wars and wars all over the world fighting for people’s Human Rights only to be getting investigated in the UN for Human Rights issues  who have brought us to this where have we lost our way why have we let this happen, We have an old saying in Northern Ireland what goes round comes round


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